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Skiing and Snowboarding

Whooshing down the mountain

Pure pleasure.

In a region that sticks to the credo that every village should have it’s own ski lift so that each and every person in the Gesäuse can learn how to ski, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are also plenty of slopes waiting to be discovered – slopes for whooshing down and slopes for little ones to practise the perfect pizza. What’s more, these activities don't just strengthen your thighs - in case you are feeling a little low, an excursion to our slopes is the perfect remedy.

Skiing and snowboarding are high up on the Kaiserau’s agenda. As soon as you get to the parking lot you’ll see what the high-plateau has in store: T-bar lifts, a button lift and a ‘Magic Carpet’ for the little ones. The Kaiserau offers something for the whole family at reasonable prices. Those who aren’t in the mood for skiing won’t fall short of winter fun. Cross-country skiing, tobogganing at Klinkehütte Lodge, going for a hike through the wintry landscape or enjoying delicious treats at Sportalm restaurant – no matter what you choose, with Admonter Kalbling Peak as your backdrop, every activity becomes a true wintry pleasure. And if you are still at the bottom of the skiing career ladder, a few hours of coaching at the only skiing school in the Gesäuse is sure to change that. Rental gear is also available.

Learn how to ski


Apart from Kaiserau, T-bar lifts can also be found in the villages of Johnsbach, St. Gallen, Landl, Großreifling and Gams. What makes these slopes special is that most locals learnt how to ski right here. Today we want to share this special atmosphere with our visitors. The skiing area is of a manageable size and therefore perfect for beginners. Having said that, experienced skiers and snowboarders will also have loads of fun at Kaiserau, without having to empty their wallets.

The life and soul of the skiing area

The snow is sparkling under the winter sun and your mobile phone is switched off. The kids are happy and they have rosy cheeks to prove it. Even on a grey winter day in the Gesäuse, the slopes at Kaiserau will be able to lift your spirits – because being surrounded by the white winter landscape is something that really gives you strength.


Skiing and snowboarding doesn't just strengthen your thighs. Our slopes are the perfect remedy in case you are feeling a little low.

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