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The Gesäuse – a natural treasure

Winter Wonderland Gesäuse

Unlimited nature.

When the Gesäuse mountains are covered with snow and the rivers turn into an impressive world of water and ice it’s time to go out there and search for tracks, or leave your own ones behind.

The Gesäuse winds down and the animals drift off into their well-deserved winter hibernation. But what about the people? Well, they spend their time at home relaxing – is what one might think and sure, some will do just that. But then suddenly one hears cries of joy from the tobogganing track or after an amazing ski touring descent in the powder snow. Thanks to the vast amount of activities waiting in the white winter nature the Gesäuse never gets boring – not even in winter.

Wind down.

However, silence does of course play a central role in the Gesäuse, especially in the National Park. Even when you are close to screaming with joy, you shouldn’t disrupt the silence. Instead, help us to protect the wildlife during their winter hibernation and bring tranquillity to those seeking relaxation. Talking of it– relaxation is something that the Steirische Eisenwurzen Nature Park and Geopark definitely have to offer. Go on a winter hike, take a romantic sleigh ride or go horse-back riding through the glimmering snow.

Stay sporty.

So, whether we’re talking cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, ice skating, ski touring, snow shoeing, tobogganing, riding a horse-drawn sleigh or trying out curling, the Gesäuse offers the perfect conditions for all these activities. Marvel at the unique snow crystals and the sparkling snowy forests and be enchanted by the wintry nature.

Gesäuse National Park

Check it out – there’s a National Park right in the heart of Austria! With jagged rocks and wild forests, things here follow their own rhythm. In the Gesäuse National Park we “let nature be nature”. That’s why fallen tree trunks are left in the forests and become home to countless animals. And everyone is happy – coexisting and living wild and free.

Steirische Eisenwurzen Nature Park

Where the Salza River rushes down its river bed and mountain streams come to life, the best way to experience the water is to get right up close to it – the perfect place to do so is Wasserlochklamm Gorge. On the way you will get to see numerous rare plant species and in the Gams GeoDorf Village you will even come across animals from times gone by. The rest of the Nature Park goes by the slogan 'Protecting through use', which incidentally results in the area's delicious specialities (that are sure to make you want to stay a little while longer)!

Winter in the Gesäuse.

When a white blanket has been spread across the scenery, the fun is about to begin.

Nature Offers

Highlights from Gesäuse