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Gesäuse Markenstart

The Gesäuse has reinvented itself

In a one-year project the tourism region Gesäuse has rebranded really everything a destination needs today: starting at imagery, focussing at timeless design and brand, writing extraordinary content and last but not least designing a website at the very top of design and usability. All you can see at this site is 100% true alpine life.

The Gesäuse.

Where the wild rivers Salza and Enns meet the looming rock faces of the Gesäuse Mountains, where the only National Park connects with the largest Styrian Nature Park and the thousand-year-old high culture of Admont Abbey intertwines with the century-old popular culture of the region – that’s where you’ll find the Gesäuse. No matter if you enjoy hiking, mountaineering, white water adventures or culture activities – the Gesäuse doesn’t provide you with a checklist. Instead, it is a place with a lot of room for your own stories, which, in the end, will make you say: the Gesäuse gives you strength.

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